Pontus Global Solutions

Pontus Global Solutions. is a UK based international trading company with experience in the export/import of a wide range of products.

We are a service orientated trading company providing domestic companies the opportunity to import and export their products to new markets; servicing wholesalers, buyers, entrepreneurs and privately held companies.

Our specialisation lies in sourcing products and services with the potential to be taken to the international stage. Whether you are a company that is simply looking for a “business partner” who advises you along the way or whether you would like to sell your product directly to us, the Pontus team may have a business solution for you.

With our market knowledge and international network our objective is to help our clients maximise overseas trade potential and ultimately, profits.

We have a network of private contractors that we rely on to make sure that we have the correct expertise and representatives promoting your brand. Only the best are selected to work with Pontus Global Solutions and we only use contractors that come recommended to us or who have worked with us before.